Want an amazing glow in minutes?


With all the competition, you may be asking yourself why choose us, anyway? SprayBar offers custom airbrush tanning free from attitude and inflated prices. Our goal is to educate and inform.  A single session of our therapeutic spray will leave your mind relaxed and your skin looking like you spent a month on the Cote d’Azur.


 If you are sick of streaky, orange, smelly sunless products, you have come to the right place. Of course, you can still do it the “old way” if you prefer. But why risk skin cancer, wrinkles, tan lines, and tons of microdamage to your tender skin cells?


[Organic, All Natural Ingredients]

SprayBar solution uses 5 ingredients. That’s right. There are no harmful parabens, alcohol, or preservatives. And the best thing? It takes as little as 15 minutes. Each tan is customized for your skin tone and hand applied by an experienced airbrush professional.

[The End of Streaky Palms]

We spray with the philosophy less is more, enabling you to schedule on your lunch break or before a special event. Our custom solutions are also available without bronzers, so you won’t have to worry about your dress on that special day. Say goodbye to the fear of wrinkles or looking like a Snooki stunt double. So long, Mystic tan.

[Take Back Your Schedule]

If we learned one thing from tanning Mom, there is no need to spend hours baking in the sun. Your skin will thank you for giving SprayBar’s non-toxic, sugar-based solution a chance. Our solution won’t leave you with an unwanted after scent; you can enjoy going back to work or out on the town with the girls.

 March 30th, 2013